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It Begins with a Conversation

Extended Care Coverage is about Your Needs

We will address 3 key questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What is getting in the way?

Never having to worry whether you have the funds to pay for care services or be obligated to be a part-time or full-time caregiver is what I call “security for life”. That’s because having a plan in place will protect you and those you love, today and in the future.

Learning more is easy. Call me now and let’s get started.

Our Clients Say ...

We wanted benefits in our home. I am no longer insurable, but my wife is. Raymond's creative approach allowed him to offer benefits that will be of value to both of us — an extended care plan for my wife and critical care benefits for me.
Larry and Sharon P (Arizona)

I knew I needed long term care benefits, but not what to do. Raymond explained what needed to be accomplished and what plans to consider. He made it a pleasant experience.
Randy E (New Mexico)

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Building Trust & Confidence


 Who We Are

Raymond Lavine is an experienced, knowledgeable advisor.



 What We Do

Finding the right extended care plan for you is our objective.



 Why It’s Important

Making plans now for extended care when it’s needed eases family concerns.




Clients appreciate our thorough approach and thoughtful recommendations.


Starting the Process is Easy!

Obtaining extended care coverage begins with a review of your current health and financial circumstances. You can fill out our Health & Financial Status Questionnaire now so that Raymond can review it before your consultation or wait until after the consultation.